College of the Canyons

eCOTS 2016

Conference On Teaching Statisitcs


Theme: Changing with Technology


California Region (Face to Face)

Statistics challenges and solutions for two-year community colleges with limited resources


Community colleges in the United States face numerous challenges with their introductory statistics courses. Many instructors lack formal statistics training; there are limited opportunities for instructors to be connected with cutting edge statistics education research; and technology resources are not equitable across the different community colleges. For example, a handful of colleges have the luxury to teach every statistics course in a computer lab while others don’t have even one computer lab for the entire college. Part-time instructors face yet another challenge as they have to adjust their course materials to accommodate this disparity with technology across the colleges. Note that part-time instructors at community colleges in the United States teach 60% of the statistics courses and most of them teach in more than one college at the same time. During the eCOTS discussion we will address these difficulties; we will make reference to the breakout and panels speakers of eCOTS, and focus on brainstorming ideas and solutions for this diverse population of instructors and students. 

Keynote: Dr. Robert Gould

Date: Friday May 20 2016

Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: ALLH 108 (campus map)

College of the Canyons 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road

Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Directions: Take University Center drive to lot 13 and park in lot 13 preferable (close to Aliso Hall 108)